Peer Support

The Boston Fire Cancer Foundation will offer peer supports to answer questions, share experiences, and support individuals with their diagnosis.

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Financial Support

The Boston Fire Cancer Foundation's goal is to provide support to families and their financial needs of members who are diagnosed with occupational cancer.

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Day to Day Support

The Boston Fire Cancer Foundation will provide support to members with day to day activities such as meal deliveries and transportation.

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DFCI Direct Connect image
The team at Boston Fire Cancer Foundation was able to meet with Dana Farber Cancer Institutes Direct Connect team to discuss our partnership for members of the Boston Fire Department diagnosed with Occupational Cancer.

When this foundation was created, our dream was to have direct access to Dana Farber for any firefighter diagnosed with Occupational Cancer. We are beyond grateful and proud of our team for continuously pushing forward and making these dreams reality.

Direct Connect streamlines access to Dana-Farber’s world- class cancer care and early cancer detection and intervention services.

We had the wonderful opportunity to meet the great people behind Direct Connect and learn all that their program entails. We can’t thank them enough for all the help and resources that allow us to provide the best support to our members.

                         HOW DFCI x BFCF PARTNERSHIP WORKS:
1. Should a Boston Firefighter receive a Cancer Diagnosis and/or receive notification from UDS for further testing, they can reach directly out to the Boston Fire Cancer Foundation ( OR 774-219-7892)
2. BFCF will facilitate the steps to the member into the Direct Connect program through Dana Farber
3.A DFCI Direct Connect Liaison will gather pertinent demographic and clinical details pertaining to the cancer diagnosis to determine the appropriate disease center at Dana Farber and connects the patient with the new patient scheduling team.
4. The patient will be scheduled for their consult and will be sent appointment details and other information they may need prior to their first visit at DFCI.
5. A DFCI Direct Connect Liaison will meet the new patient on the first day of their appointment to show them where the location of their appoint will be and remains available as a resource for the rest of the day and/or treatment.