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The Boston Fire Cancer Foundation is a 501 c3 nonprofit organization that raises money to support members of the Boston Fire Department who are diagnosed with occupational cancer. We provide both emotional and financial support to firefighters and their families.

Through fundraising efforts, we hope to provide services to firefighters and families as needed. Our goal is to eliminate the daily stressors that come with a cancer diagnosis and provide supports to firefighters and their families through mentorships, financial supports, transportation, meal plans, and more.
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Dan Ranahan, the founder of the Boston Fire Cancer Foundation, was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in the Fall of 2020.

The support received from members of the Boston Fire Department, family, and friends was profound.

Dan was inspired  to create an organization that provides the same experience for all members diagnosed with cancer. 


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             WCVB Running for a Cause Article- Matt Reed

Inspired by brother, Boston Fire captain runs Boston Marathon for cancer foundation´╗┐
BOSTON —Along with the physical toll that comes from training for a marathon, it can also be lonely with thoughts racing through your head.
But as Boston Fire Capt. Kevin Ranahan gets ready for his first Boston Marathon, the thought that is constantly top of mind is why he’s running.

“He’s my little brother, so forever you look out for him,” he said.
Dan Ranahan, who is also a Boston firefighter, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma two and half years ago at 30 years old.

“I had a lingering fever and a little cough. I just had my newborn McKenzie, so I went to a Minute Clinic just to get checked out,” Dan Ranahan said. “Called me on the ride home and said, ‘You have to go get an MRI tomorrow. You have a mass in your chest the size of a coconut.’”

Thankfully, Kevin Ranahan is better prepared for the marathon, and most importantly, his brother’s cancer is in remission.

Kevin Ranahan is raising money for the Boston Local 718 Firefighter & Family Cancer Foundation, which his brother founded, to help their brothers and sisters in the department deal with the same fight.

“We’re seeing every three weeks, a Boston firefighter is getting diagnosed with cancer,” said Sam Dillon, president of the Boston Firefighters Local 718. “To have a foundation like this run by the people that it’s run by to support our membership is incredible.”

Whether it was brotherly love or his firefighter instincts kicking in, Kevin Ranahan felt he had to do something. He signed up for the Pan-Mass challenge in honor of his brother, even though he didn’t own a bike. “I borrowed a bike,” Kevin Ranahan said. “Probably wasn’t the best idea.”
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